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Envitia offers a range of training courses for MapLink Pro, including data preparation and developer courses tailored to C++, C#, and Java users.

Through a mixture of presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, our developer courses explain how MapLink Pro can be used to develop high performance mapping applications.
Subjects covered by these course offerings vary on a customer-to-customer basis, ensuring dedicated learning that best enables developers to become proficient with relevant SDK modules and topics within each. Training courses often include optional days of assisted system prototyping, to provide immediate tangible value from the course and to accelerate the development lifecycle of the customer’s system.

Our courses can be held at Envitia’s training facilities in Horsham, UK, or at a customer’s site. Please contact us for more details.


Envitia prides itself on being exceptionally responsive to customers’ questions and feedback. Envitia offers annual support on all MapLink Pro licenses, providing unlimited email/telephone assistance and access to our support website for live tracking of support call status.

Further, feedback from customers on valuable capability propagates directly to the MapLink Pro roadmap, providing assurance of the ability of MapLink Pro to meet program needs well beyond initial license purchase. All patches and a version upgrade are provided immediately to all supported users.

Each software distribution itself is fully documented with walkthroughs and guides, including a “What’s New” section to highlight changes and improvements to help developers rapidly incorporate the latest capabilities.

The software is also fully backwards compatible with all pre-processed data products from the previous version, ensuring that previous investment is not lost. Additionally, the ability to specify target versions of pre-processed data products provides a measure of forwards compatibility to enable deployed operational systems to consume data products built with the latest version of the software, allowing Envitia’s release cycle to fit more comfortably within partners’ release cycles.

What our Customers Say?

"I not only got the answers I needed quickly, but also got explanations as to why the changes were needed." Garrett Brazell, Ultra Electronics.

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