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MapLink Pro 10.2 on Windows, Linux and Android


MapLink Pro version 10.2 – a powerful suite of SDKs that provides users with the ability to embed high performance mapping and visualization capabilities in mission critical systems.


The New Features within MapLink Pro 10 Include:


Real-time Re-projection

Proactively improve your mapping accuracy.

Portraying the Earth’s surface in a 2D perspective inherently creates distortion in the mapping. This leads to compromised accuracy in every display, whether the operator is aware of it or not.

Envitia’s MapLink Pro has introduced an innovative capability to dynamically minimize this distortion; real-time re-projection. This continually ensures that your map display is providing the highest accuracy possible. The view can be re-centered (and therefore re-projected) around critical points of interest, including moving platforms. This is delivered quickly and responsively thanks to the high performance geospatial computation and map rendering that underpins MapLink Pro.

Only Envitia can provide this level of confidence, delivering reliable and accurate map displays for map features and blue force tracking.

Track Management

Impressive enhancements to operational support

Among the most common and essential requirements in Command and Control/Situational Awareness systems is scalable, responsive blue force tracking. Whereas many systems struggle to keep up with growing requirements for interconnectivity and number and velocity of incoming tracks, Envitia MapLink Pro 10 excels.

Envitia MapLink Pro 10 now features options to exploit graphics processing even more when drawing symbols and updating tracks, maintaining optimal usability even with the most stringent operational requirements.

To deliver this capability, Envitia MapLink Pro 10 introduces a new intuitive, developer-friendly API to capture intricate graphics interactions, allowing incredibly powerful systems to be built quickly and easily. This ensures users get the system they need as efficiently as possible.

Line-of-Sight Analysis

Faster, more accurate capture of intelligence.

Essential to Situational Awareness is the ability to computationally identify which positions are visible from which vantage points. MapLink Pro has long recognized the importance of line-of-sight analysis in operational systems, and MapLink Pro 10 features comprehensive improvements to our algorithms.

Intervisibility calculations are now faster, more accurate, and easier to use to best respond to your operational requirements. Terrain analysis and visualization can be quickly and easily integrated into systems, with heightened configurability to reflect your battlespace parameters, and provide enhanced tactical decision making. Integrate the new web service with the Envitia ‘Routing’ capabilities and derive invaluable information about your journey!

Data Ingest

Faster, more reliable data loading

Geospatial data is notoriously hard to work with – large volumes of diverse, dense data are difficult to load, especially on disconnected, resource-limited hardware. Systems either take too long to load data and are unresponsive and slow, or require pre-processing and backend data management to provision systems correctly.

Envitia MapLink Pro 10 is unique in allowing users to balance these two approaches for optimal user performance and time-saving, and it just got even better. Envitia is introducing a revamped data ingest and display capability that is faster, easier, and more accurate than ever before.

This new functionality better addresses the ever-increasing range of raster imagery and vector data formats, delivering the performance of pre-processing without the time and money investment.

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