The Ultimate Mapping Application Toolkit

Maplink Mobile

Envitia MapLink Mobile supports Android™, providing a platform for rapid deployment of high performance mobile visualization applications. MapLink Mobile enables integration of vector and raster map overlays integrated with live data feeds (e.g. WMS and WMTS) and terrain data, supporting both connected and disconnected operating environments.

Customers are provided with the full capabilities of the MapLink Pro Core and Terrain SDKs through a Java interface. MapLink Mobile also provides access to a rich set of spatial operations (such as union, difference and intersection calculations), enabling developers to add geo-fencing and other geo-processing capabilities to disconnected Android™ applications.

Capabilities include:

  • Multi-threaded map display for smooth, responsive applications

  • Visualization of vector and raster maps and overlays along with live data feeds

  • Comprehensive set of spatial operations enabling local geo-processing

  • Access to attributes stored within maps

  • Management of configuration information

  • Layering and de-cluttering of features

  • WMS/WMTS data layer

  • MapLink Mobile ships with an extensive developer guide, sample code, and new sample Android applications.

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