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MapLink Pro is the global leader in Dynamic Mapping Visualization software. With over 10,000 tactical deployments worldwide, including some of the most well-known applications from leading International systems integrators including:
Now, Envitia is proud to offer this best-in-class, highly-flexible, cost-effective geospatial mapping development toolkit to the wider community of geospatial application developers.

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  • "Envitia’s best-in-class MapLink Pro Toolkit is one of the key components in our BlighterView software application. The framework allows a variety of open-source, commercial and military 2D surface maps to be displayed and 3D data to be included, allowing customers to easily integrate coordinate based remote sensors, such as cameras, into their security solution.”

    Nick Booth, Sales and Marketing Director, Blighter Surveillance Systems
  • “ENVITIA’s feature rich product suite perfectly matched our requirements. Their decision to invest in the Android space early has secured their position as the front runner in third party mapping in the competitive Android market. MapLink’s complementary Android and Windows product lines provides the turn key functionality required by today’s warfighter.”

    Alexandre Cote, Vice President, MMIST Inc.
  • “We believe in working with flexible and innovative companies. MapLink Pro was chosen due to the ability to fully integrate the mapping components with our tactical software and their responsive technical and sales support."

    Mike Johnston, Director of Program Management, Tek Fusion Global
  • “After a thorough review of the market, we chose MapLink Pro because it was the only mapping tool available that had both the flexibility and performance to meet the demands of our real-time environment. We found the MapLink Pro API to be powerful, easy to use and reliable. Envitia’s support, although rarely needed, has always been outstanding.”

    Tim Stanley, VP Product Innovation, Ultra Electronics
  • “For many years, Envitia has performed exceptionally well in a technical capacity as well as a support and account management capacity.  Their technical solutions have been efficiently incorporated into advanced systems, and have performed very well on a consistent basis.  Advances in technology are continuously rolled out in an effective manner.  Proactive maintenance and support of their products have also been outstanding.”

    Ken Davey, Engineering Program Manager, L-3 Communications
  • “I want to commend the MapLink product, and say thanks for the excellent and timely support I received from Envitia without which it wouldn’t have been possible. Telephonics  launched a search for COTS products that could help them develop a high performance visual display which could fuse foundation map data with the dynamic real-time radar input.  MapLink Pro was one of the only products available that could deliver the OpenGL based rendering and dynamic projection required for this complex challenge. ”

    Martin Beizer, System Engineering Group Telephonics, USA
  • "We chose MapLink Pro on its performance.  As an important element in our mission planning system, it has a broad range of functionality and supports a wide range of data formats.  It meets all our requirements."

    John Spencer, Senior Software Development Engineer, Aerosystems International
  • "We use Envitia’s MapLink Pro for displays on the data management system in our maritime patrol aircraft. It meets a strenuous set of requirements in which display speed is critical. We chose Envitia because they were highly responsive to our needs as well as being cost effective."

    Ian Alldritt , Chief Engineer, General Dynamics Canada